Tecnoservice Srl was born in 1989 as a nozzle manufacturer and a seller of spare parts and accessories for canal jets and sewers.

Following the market’s evolution, we specialized in designing and manufacturing suction systems, both fixed and mobile special industrial washing systems, along with medium and large industrial high-pressure cleaners, depending on the customer’s demands.

In 1996, we created the first hydraulic mobile system for chemical toilets washing, which became the point of reference for the company’s production. Over the years, we have analysed the market and having perceived its needs, we significatively diversified our production. We changed the clean and dirty water capacity, integrating it with an auxiliary engine and enhancing its accessories. These include a hot water system, transfer system, sanitizing system, crane, winch, and other systems for loading and unloading of toilets.

In 2004, the company furthered its evolution. For the first time in Italy, we built a washing unit for chemical toilets, named as “sewage drainage and independent goods transportation”.

In 2013, we took a further quality step and inaugurated our new headquarters in Porcia, thus expanding our spaces and equipment.

The foundations of Tecnoservice find their ideal place in the market as we are constantly evolving thanks to our continuous updating and over thirty years of experience in the sector.

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