We sell products for oleo-dynamic, carpentry and spare parts for drainage trucks and combined sewer cleaner.

Tecnoservice is a retailer of spare parts for sewage drainage trucks, combined sewer cleaner and farming tank trailers. We also offer a wide range of carpentry, oleo-dynamic, pneumatic, and hydraulic products for suction systems and washing units.

We make sure that the materials used for the realization of our products are of the highest quality. We prefer stainless steel. We also pay attention to the origin of the materials and encourage collaboration with companies devoted to the territory and to the concept of “Made in Italy”.

We have a constant direct relationship with contact people within the companies of which we are retailers. The relationships with these companies are consolidated by years of collaboration. This allows us to respond timely to any problem and in case of need of specific spare parts.

Installation of spare parts for drainage and combined sewer cleaner

We offer a service of installation of spare parts, which can be used for repair of faults or for changes the characteristics of the machinery. We also offer assistance for the installation of our products on new equipment.We also provide a rental service for sealing bags and hose fittings.

Sale and manufacture of custom valves and nozzles

We are available to companies for custom estimates, for large quantity orders, and for special requests. Our staff is also available for estimates on custom-made products. While designing customized products, we work alongside the customer to understand their real needs and create a product whose highest quality is guaranteed by our designers’ many years of experience.


The company offers a complete range of nozzles for sewers, for pipe cleaning, for sewer cleaning, and for washing.


The company sells a wide range of pumps and electric pumps for every application and drive type. Tecnoservice’s range also includes agricultural and industrial pumps.


We offer a wide range of industrial hoses for different types of work, pressure level, size and construction materials.


We sell gate valves, ball valves, knife gate valves, sliding gate valves. Tecnoservice markets valves for civil and industrial use, and for any use: passage of industrial, chemical and food liquids.


We sell suction hose fittings, hydraulic fittings, compressed air fittings, multilayer fittings, oleodynamic fittings, pipe fittings and water fittings.

Sealing bags

We sell and rent pipe sealings and by-pass bags for every type of air and water leaking test. Available for pipes of different diameters, from 40 to 1,200 mm.

Spare parts and accessories

We sell a wide and detailed range of components for truck tanks drainage, combined sewer cleaners and agricultural tank trailers.