Sealing bags

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Sale and rental of sealing and by-pass bags for new pipelines testing and construction sites securing.

Tecnoservice sells and rents bags for every type of air and water pipeline testing, for of sewer, urban planning and civil hydraulics sectors.We carry inflatable bags, sealing bags for sewer, sealing bags for pipes, bags balloons with by-pass. They are available for pipes of different diameters, from 40 to 1,200 mm.

We are retailers of Trelleborg, a world leader in polymer engineering and our trusted partner. In our storage, we always keep available both closed-type sealing bags – used to lock the liquid inside the pipes – and open-type sealing bags – used to test the pipes and to check the outflow at its outlet.

We rent short- and long-term our kits, composed of bags, safety rope and hoses with security valve. All the components are cleaned and tested each time to guarantee their safety. Moreover, we respond to our customers’ needs from the consulting on renting the sealing bags up to on-site testing assistance and consulting.

IOur sealing balloons are all made of long-lasting elastic rubber and aramid (kevlar) fibers. Each balloon has a different pipe closure diameter range. We stock cushions that can close pipes from a diameter of 40 mm up to 1200 mm.

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