Sale of assorted industrial hoses in different materials.

Tecnoservice is a retailer of a wide range of assorted industrial hoses, which differ based on the type of work they are used on, on the pressure level, on the size and on the construction materials.

We offer various types of hoses, with specific characteristics designed around the material that will pass through it, the level of pressure and the work to perform. Depending on these necessities, industrial hoses are available in different materials, such as rubber, plastic and metal.

 In the catalogue you can find suction and air supply hoses, high pressure hoses, rubber and thermoplastic hoses. We offer a wide selection of specific fittings for the different types of hoses and for different works to perform.

We stock various bushings and fittings for different types of hoses and diameters. Our wide selection of immediately available fittings has allowed us to become a reference hoses fitting center for Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto.

Our specialized staff is available to provide advice on the best type of industrial hose for a specific processing.