Suction and delivery hoses

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​Sale of air suction and delivery hoses for fumes, vapors and water.

Our industrial suction hoses for liquids and solids are used for the drainage of cesspools, petroleum and chemical products and for alimentary purposes.

We offer a wide range of suction hoses – such as hoses for air suction, water and liquids suction, hoses for chip suction, flexible hoses for dust and granulates, auto-purge and cesspools suction hoses, and flexible suction hoses for fumes and vapour.

Depending on the use, the hoses can be of many different shapes and materials – corrugated intake hoses, galvanized intake pipes, PVC air intake hoses, specific hoses for petroleum and chemical products, or for food use. However, the hoses can mostly be divided into two large areas: rubber or plastic.

The diversification and choice of the right hose must be based on the technical characteristics and physical state of the material to be aspirated (temperature, density, fluidity, and graininess). The different types of hoses are suitable to suction and transport various types of material in both fluid and solid form.

Our selection includes measurements in both centimetres and inches. Our wide catalogue aims at satisfying all possible needs and requests. Thanks to our collaboration with the manufacturers, it is always possible to request the design and realization of custom pipes.

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