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‚Äč Sale of gate valves, ball valves, knife gate valves, sliding gate valves in different sizes and materials.

We sell valves for civil and industrial use and for passage of industrial, chemical and food liquids.

Our catalogue includes several types of valves, such as manual valves, oleodynamic valves, simple- and/or double-effect valves, ball valves, sliding gate valves, manual and electric knife gate valves. These valves are used in various product sectors, wherever in- and out flow control and regulation are required.

Valves can be made of different materials: brass, cast iron, stainless steel, pvc plastic. The choice depends on the technical characteristics of the material that must pass through it (i.e., its temperature and robustness).

Our catalogue also includes a selection of valves of different diameters, all measured in inches.

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