We sell and manufacture of nozzles for drainage and pipe cleaning and uncluttering.

We produce and sell a complete range of nozzles for drainage, pipe cleaning, sewers cleaning and canal jet cleaning. All nozzles are available in different shapes and sizes, so you can easily choose the most suitable to different operating pressures and flow rates.

We offer the ideal washing nozzle for any problem of pipe cleaning or uncluttering. The various types of nozzles in our catalogue adapt to different needs: washing, uncluttering, root cutting.

Our nozzles for pipes and sewers cleaning are made of high-quality steel, enriched by a heat treatment to prevent rapid wear.

Production of customized sewer nozzles

We design and produce custom-made cleaning and washing nozzles, adapting them to special requirements. Our nozzles are designed, manufactured, and above all tested according to real cleaning efficiency.

We are available to companies for the realization of customized products. Our designers’ many years of experience guarantee a quality product customized for your actual needs.

Dealer of spray nozzles

Tecnoservice is a dealer of Comtosi Spraying Systems – world leader in spraying technology, specialized in the production of spraying nozzles and nozzles for air control. Thanks to our established collaboration, we can offer maximum assistance in reselling their products.