Sand removal nozzles

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Sale and production of sand removal nozzles for cleaning pipes with stuck sedimented material

Sand removal nozzles are mainly used in cleaning pipes with gravel, stones, silt, or sand deposits. Thanks to these nozzles, the pipes are fully washed in a short time.

Their peculiar form of construction and balancing allows the kinetic energy from the water released by the jets to be concentrated on the lower part of the pipe. This makes for an extraordinary cleaning and removal of the sedimented material.

Pipes with deposits of stones, gravel, sand, and silt are fully cleaned in significantly smaller times than with traditional nozzles. The special balancing system ensures that during both advance and return the nozzle always proceeds on the bottom, with the jets oriented downwards. This results in a complete cleaning.

Sand removal nozzles for pipe cleaning are also available for canal jet, in different measurements, ranging from ¾” to 1″. They’re all made of steel, enriched by a heat treatment that reduces wear and increases durability.

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