Rotary jet nozzles

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Sale of rotary jet nozzles for high pressure cleaning of horizontal pipes and surfaces.

Rotary jet nozzles allow high pressure water cleaning. They’re suitable for descaling of painting grills, surface treatment and for the washing of tunnels and paper factories. They can be mounted on fixed or mobile structures, motorized or pushed, up to 600 bar of use.

These nozzles with rotating head are also used for washing and descaling industrial pipes of large diameters (from 400 mm up), where a hydrodynamic action with high pressure and large water flow is required.

Some varieties of high-pressure rotary jet water nozzles can be used to wash horizontal surfaces such as floors, pavements, and open outflow channels.

They are all made of stainless steel – with the accentrator nozzle holder being a mix of stainless steel and aluminium. Tecnoservice’s catalogue includes different sizes and versions of rotary jet nozzles for different needs. Our staff is available for assistance in the choice of the perfect version and size.

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