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Sale and production of high penetration TO nozzles for pipe washing

TO nozzles for pipe washing have interchangeable perforated inserts and a typical ovoidal shape. Thanks to these features, the TO nozzles have high penetration for a perfect cleaning of clogged pipes and a complete removal of dirt.

Their ovoidal shape allows them to overcome any obstacle, especially when rewinding the high pressure hose. The TO nozzles therefore have a significantly better performance than traditional ones.

TO nozzles for pipe cleaning are available in 5 different sizes, from 1/2″ to 1″. They are equipped with interchangeable jets with different incidences, in order to obtain the optimal calibration of pressure and flow rate. Commonly used in sewer, they can be used with combined sewer cleaners and drainage trucks.

Our nozzles are all made of special steel with anti-wear treatment: thrust and cleaning jets (rear reaction jets) can be easily replaced once worn out. It is possible to equip the nozzle with the hole in the head by replacing the blind nozzle, interchangeable with a perforated nozzle of variable dimensions.

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