Mobile toilets washing systems

Custom production of systems for liquid waste extraction and chemical toilets’ disinfection, in various measures and setups.

Tecnoservice manufactures cleaning systems for mobile toilets for the extraction of liquid waste and for the disinfection of chemical toilets. The systems are available with two possible motorizations: independent auxiliary motor or hydraulic power take-off.

The equipment we produce consists of the pump unit and the tank system. The cylindrical part of the tank suctions the wastewater, while the other part contains water for high pressure washing and disinfection of mobile toilets. Our systems are therefore mini sewers for chemical toilets washing.

Unlike other mobile toilets cleaning units on the market, Tecnoservice decided to only realize its systems in stainless steel to ensure maximum efficiency and durability. Upon customer request, it is possible to also realize iron system.

We design and manufacture custom mobile washing systems, tailored around customers’ needs. We also handle the installation of the system, which is applied transversally on the vehicle to allow loading of the toilet cabins. Lastly, we offer a service of ordinary maintenance, overhaul, and extraordinary maintenance (i.e., for repairs). Our equipment is fully tested, and its quality is guaranteed.

We offer two standard versions for our chemical toilet drainage equipment: 1,000 lt. of wastewater and 2,000 lt. of wastewater. Countless other variants can be designed and manufactured according to the customers’ needs.

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