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Sale of water pumps for high pressure cleaning

High pressure washing pumps are used in any sector where high water pressure is a determining factor.

For example, they can be used in washing in general, but also in de-crusting, hydrodemolition, paint removal, reverse osmosis, humidification, and water cutting. Industrial pressure pumps are also used for pipe unclogging and in agricultural irrigation.

They are suitable for different sectors, and can be used in the purge, chemical, food, mining, construction, mechanical and energy industries.

Tecnoservice is a dealer of Pratissoli-Interpump pumps, a world leader in the production of high-pressure pumps. Thanks to their constant updating on market needs, their catalogue is wide enough to cover all use areas. Therefore, we have available high-pressure water pumps for all needs.

Our collaboration relationship with Pratissoli-Interpump lasts from more than 40 years. Thanks to our direct contact with our dealers, we are able to offer to our customers a quick service for both pre-sale consulting and post-sale maintenance and installation.

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