Transfer pumps

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Sale of pumps and electric pumps for transfer of liquids.

Transfer pumps are used in agriculture and industry for the transfer of liquids. Tecnoservice is a dealer of all types of pumps used in agriculture and industry – such as agricultural transfer pumps and electric pumps and transfer pumps for slurry barrels.

The range is completed by pumps for transfer of diesel, oil, and other food liquids; water transfer pumps; corrosive liquid transfer pumps and pumps for heavy liquid transfer.

Unlike vacuum pumps, in transfer pumps the material passes through the pump body. Thanks to their characteristics, transfer pumps are the most used in many sectors, such as agriculture, food, industrial and oleodynamic.

Tecnoservice offers a wide selection of transfer pumps, such as lobe, centrifugal pumps, membrane pumps, single screw (worm) pumps. Our specialized staff is available to advise on the best type of pump according to specific density, temperature, danger level and viscosity of the material to be aspirated.

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