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Sale of professional, vane and lobe vacuum pumps for any sector.

We have in our catalogue a wide range of professional, vane and lobe vacuum pumps, ideal for every field. A range of water/dry vacuum pumps complete our offer.

We also sell traditional vane vacuum pumps and lobe pumps of latest technology – as well as liquid ring pumps and single-screw pumps. Our pre-sale staff is available to guide you in the selection of the pump most suitable to your needs.

These types of pumps are used to create a depression in the tank, to be filled by the material to be aspirated. They differ from transfer pump because the materials do not not pass through the pump.

We are dealers of the best vacuum pump manufacturers, such as Jurop, Moro, Demag-Wittig, Battioni Pagani, which we install on our equipment. We offer a service of maintenance and spare parts for vacuum pumps for all brands we are retailers of. In addition, thanks to our long-standing relationship with the companies, we can provide an efficient and fast after-sales service, such as second-hand pick-up, repairs and overhaul testing.

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